Navigating the Maze of Mattress Choices

Human beings spend around eight hours a night sleeping. Over the long term, people will spend a full third of their lives asleep. So, choosing the right mattress is an important decision and worth taking a long, hard look at. But, where does a person start?

In the United States alone, as of 2002, there were 597 mattress manufacturers. The brands, marketing, and types of mattresses available are countless, and all of them promise quality, health-restoring sleep. Add the recent boom of mattress-in-a-box stores and the sheer magnitude of choices is baffling. Hard, soft, firm, not-firm, eggs, springs, foam. Once your head stops spinning, where do you begin looking?

Researching Mattresses

There’s always going right to the source. Stopping at mattress showrooms can let you try out a display mattress before you buy it. But, in a bright room, with salespeople and other customers around, it can get uncomfortable in a hurry. And, there’s no way to know if that mattress is ultimately a perfect fit because you haven’t slept on it! That’s even if you have the time to go out to a store in the first place.

There’s the online mattress-in-a-box route that usually offers a 100 night trial of their mattress technology. But, the entire process of a mattress arriving, with the accessories like sheets or a base, then setting up and getting adjusted to it for a few weeks, can be time-consuming and stressful. And if you’ve gotten rid of your old mattress because of no space or thinking you were getting the perfect one from the outset? Now you have no mattress.

Skip the Blues, Find Reviews

Many places online now offer thorough reviews of all the latest, greatest, and well-researched sleeping options. Written by people who know how important good sleep is, they often compare side-by-side prices, materials, overall rating and, in many cases, have already tested multiple mattresses for extended periods themselves.

Find a review site that specializes in nothing but mattresses. Look at their guides and check some of the information presented in mattress comparisons. A first glance can give you overlooking information, but going deeper can show what a mattress is genuinely made of both literally and figuratively.

Sleep is important. Invest the time to research the perfect foundation for it and you’ll ensure quality rest for years to come.